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What this forum is about.

Post  Sauwelios on Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:58 pm

This forum is dedicated to Nietzsche's mature philosophy, which is centered on his concept of the Übermensch. "But wait," everyone will surely say, "isn't the eternal recurrence the central concept of Nietzsche's mature philosophy?" Yes, Nietzsche does indeed imply so, by calling the eternal recurrence "the fundamental conception" of Thus Spake Zarathustra (in section 1 of the chapter on that book in Ecce Homo), and saying that that book stands by itself among his writings (in section 4 of the Preface to EH). The fundamental conception of the book that stands by itself among his writings. But this site defines the Übermensch as the human being who wills the eternal recurrence. The centrality of the Übermensch and the centrality of the eternal recurrence do therefore not contradict each other: in the center of Nietzsche's mature philosophy stands the Übermensch, and at the heart of the Übermensch is the eternal recurrence.

In the What this site is about thread, I already wrote:

The Nietzschean Übermensch is the human being who wills the eternal recurrence of the world. In doing so, he in three senses glorifies the world as will to power:
1) he glorifies the world, which is will to power and nothing besides;
2) he glorifies the world by conceiving it as being will to power and nothing besides;
3) he glorifies the world while being himself will to power and nothing besides.
These three senses are connected in this way: the Nietzschean Übermensch is the man who, being will to power and nothing besides, wills that the world, which is will to power and nothing besides, be will to power and nothing besides. Or, as Laurence Lampert puts it in Socratic-Platonic terms,

Philosophy is [...] the highest eros of a whole that can be understood as eros and nothing besides. [Source: Lampert, How Philosophy Became Socratic, page 13.]
This, too, is ambiguous: Lampert means both that philosophy is the highest among all the eroses that together constitute the whole, and that it is the deepest love for that whole---the connection being that it is the former because it is the latter. As I wrote in the early Spring of this year,

Nietzsche's Superman is the man who loves love/desire [i.e., eros] so much as to desire its eternal recurrence. But his love/desire is the highest manifestation of love/desire, as it desires the infinite multiplication, without any addition or subtraction, of the greatest beloved, the All. Therefore, it is the manifestation he loves best. Thus he is driven to attempt to arouse and stimulate that manifestation in others. The beauty of it is that he can do so simply by expressing that manifestation in himself!
The last sentence represents the forerunner of the insight that by willing the eternal recurrence, one manifests oneself as the new highest ideal, the Nietzschean Übermensch---which insight was basically the inspiration for the creation of this site. The Nietzschean Übermensch is the genuine philosopher, the true lover of wisdom, i.e., of rational understanding (Lampert, ibid.), and thereby of the object of that understanding, existence itself.

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